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April 2004 - present

Originating, structuring, and executing real estate, multi-unit retail, renewable energy, technology, and restaurant sector transactions. Responsible for strategic and financial business guidance to companies engaged in complex financial transactions including mergers and acquisitions, corporate recapitalizations, restructurings, debt and equity structures, and divestitures.



Septermber 2003 - August 2008

Provided advisory services for industry-leading law firm to multi-unit restaurant and retail executive teams with a focus on maximizing return-on-assets, optimizing capital structure, assessing mergers & acquisitions, implementing capital strategy, and executing strategic exits while insuring alignment with stakeholder goals. Skilled in business planning, financial valuation, capital structure design, and opportunity assessment. Provides unique business insight and experience critical to building and implementing successful client solutions in the multi-unit restaurant and retail sectors.


Fields, Hill, Jarvie & Associates
October 2003 - April 2005

Knowledge Capitalists providing advisory services to global corporations and public-private investment firms with a focus on efficiently enhancing the achievement of revenue & earnings and successful strategic business initiatives while building world-class strategies to capture critical market-share. Along with Mr. Hill, Senior Partners include Bill Fields, former President & CEO of Wal-Mart Stores Division, Hudson’s Bay Company, and Blockbuster, Inc., and Charles Jarvie, former President of Dr. Pepper and Fidelity Investments Marketing Corp., CEO of Schenley Industries and New Era Beverage Company, Chairman of Universal Sports and Host Communications, Corporate Vice President of Proctor & Gamble, and current partner at Beta Capital Group.

January 1999 - March 2004

Designed corporate finance strategy. Structured and recruited more than $40.0 MM credit facility to fuel national expansion plans. Provided advisory services in support of the company’s $100.0 MM sale to Landry’s (NYSE - LNY). Coordinated efforts of legal, audit, tax, and buyer due diligence. Negotiating key components of the purchase agreement and post close settlement. Advised on the unique build-to-suit mezzanine financing structure and related investment. Well Seasoned, Inc. operated 27 Saltgrass Steakhouse and Babin’s seafood restaurants in Texas as of the sale.

Projected IRR - 11.0%.


July 1998 - March 2004

Provided advisory services to the more than $1.0 B portfolio to maximize return on assets, optimize capital structure, preserve asset value, and insure alignment with stakeholder goals. Established and orchestrated inaugural strategic business planning process for the company. Participated in capitalization and structure of $100.0 MM venture capital group and assessed investment strategy. Managed the capital restructure and deployment of constituent investments. Negotiated more than $40.0 MM financing to support investment capital strategy. Advised on $100.0 MM corporate credit facility restructure. Coordinated executive team, legal, audit, tax, and human resources in sale and deployment of investment assets. Company active in real estate, land development, healthcare, restaurants, hospitality, lodging, retail automotive, entertainment, and senior living
market sectors.

Business Planning process supported a cumulative increase in Net Income of 25.4%.

January 2000 - January 2002 / April 2004 – July 2004

Providing advisory services for the founding principals of nationally leading consumer products company, restaurant, and top rated live-music entertainment venue. Structuring strategy for roll-up of corporate brand ownership including real estate, restaurant operations, consumer products distribution, and venue management. Developing financing strategy and recruiting debt & equity support. Led the development of a unique multi-use retail concept and recruited executive management leadership and local / state government support.

November 1999 – December 2002

Provided advisory services including strategic financial planning, debt structure, and venture capital placement. Recruited and developed more than $1.0 MM in financing, negotiated investment terms, and guided legal structure. Developed asset plan to maximize return-on-assets, optimize corporate cost-of-capital, and enhance capital efficiency. Efforts resulted in 3 Grammy-nominated projects. Company founded by former head of Sales & Marketing for Epic Records. Roster included Willie Nelson, Dickey Betts, Lee Greenwood, and Nikki Cleary (sold in 2001- Jive Records).

March 1999 – April 2003

Designed Strategic Battle Plan and financing strategy. Recruited more than $500,000 in equity investment and more than $2.5 MM in credit facility / strategic partner support for company growth. Company provides next-generation software development and website functionality for customers. Clients include Compaq Computer, Dell Computer, Defense Industry Offsets Association, Tivoli, Jive Records, Shoreview Capital, First Dallas Securities, Texas Council for the Humanities and others. BigJam provides music industry specific Internet media support including web communities, video / audio streaming, and virtual street team support.


August 1999 – June 2000

Offered executive leadership, buy-side due diligence, and finance / legal management. Financed project with private equity and strategic partner support in excess of $3.0 MM. Negotiated terms of acquisition for Willie Nelson Intertainment, L.L.C., a partnership comprised of Pedernales Records, FreeFalls Entertainment, and Galactic Group, Inc. Developed brand strategy and recruited major label production and distribution support.

January 1999 – June 1999

Analyzed distanced education / e-commerce / Internet business strategy. Produced comprehensive financial projection and coordinated structure design. Reviewed foundation regulations and grant proposal. Participated as a member of the corresponding SBISD Springboard Advisory Committee.